Ratner Steel Supply Company

Ratner Steel Supply Company is an industry leader in the supply of high-quality steel products. From their three locations, they ship over 500,000 tons (450,000 metric tons) of steel each year throughout the United States and Canada. To make this happen, Ratner Steel has invested in world class processing equipment that consistently delivers the products and service their customers demand. Since installing their first Stretcher Leveler in 2008, Ratner has continued to turn to Red Bud Industries to satisfy their equipment needs. Today, they have two entire Heavy Gauge Cut-To-Length Lines and four Stretcher Levelers from Red Bud Industries. Ratner’s newest location is located in Osceola, Arkansas, where they recently installed a new Red Bud Industries Heavy Gauge Cut-To-Length Line with stretcher leveling capabilities.

In the video, Dennis Szymanski, Vice President of Ratner Steel, explains the part Red Bud Industries has played in their growth, as well as why they chose Red Bud for the newest line in Osceola. “Red Bud Industries has been an integral part of our growth and gave us a competitive advantage with the industry growing towards laser applications,” Dennis states. The new line in Osceola is capable of producing flat, stress free material up to 0.625” (16 mm) thick by 76” (1930 mm) wide. While the equipment is world class, the line also came with the industry’s best warranty, service, and support. “We chose Red Bud for very specific reasons, #1 is their service and support,” Dennis explains. Running three facilities nearly around the clock takes reliable equipment that is up for the job. Dennis mentions, “We pride ourselves on limited down time, and with Red Bud’s service and support, we have grown exponentially.”