Whether you are running prepaint, galvanized, or hot roll material, Red Bud Industries produces a complete line of Coil Processing Equipment that offers practical solutions to meet today’s most demanding requirements. more…

Red Bud Industries Blanking Line
Red Bud Industries Slitting Line


If you have not looked at a Red Bud Slitting Line, maybe you should. We are changing the slitting industry one line at a time. Give us a call for your next Slitter project. We guarantee you will be impressed. more…

CTL Plate

Red Bud Industries is a leading manufacturer of heavy duty Heavy Gage Cut-To-Length Plate Lines. In the past, we were primarily known for our Light Gage High Speed Blanking Lines. However, people are surprised to find that today we produce more Heavy Gage Lines than any other manufacturer in the industry. more…

Red Bud Industries Cut To Length Plate Line
Red Bud Industries Stretch Leveling Line


Red Bud Industries has been building Stretcher Levelers since 1986. With over 50 Stretchers sold worldwide, Red Bud Industries has earned a reputation as a leader in the design and production of stretcher leveling technology. more…

Coil Processing Equipment

When it comes to your Coil Processing Equipment needs, Red Bud Industries is your “one stop shop”. We offer a wide range of Coil Processing Systems. We design and manufacture Light Gage Cut-To-Length, Multi-Blanking Lines, and Heavy Gage Plate Cut-To-Length Lines all of which can include either our Grip Feed or Servo Roll Feed Measuring Systems. In addition, our “SUREGRIP®” Stretcher Levelers, can be added to produce “dead flat” material. We also manufacture Light and Heavy Gage Slitting Lines which can be combined with our state-of-the-art Coil Packaging Lines. Coil Packaging Equipment is the perfect complement to a highly productive Slitting Line. Our Banding Lines will help assure you get the most out of your Red Bud System.