BasicPackaging Lines


Even our most basic systems come equipped with features typically only found on more high-end machines. As opposed to using a Pusher to remove coils from the Recoiler, we use a Coil Car to transfer coils from the Recoiler to the Turnstile. From there, we include an Automated Pick and Place Downlayer. This unit automatically removes the slit mults from the Exit Turnstile, tips them 90 degrees, and places them on a Coil Storage Conveyor. This helps to prevent the inside coil wraps of light gage material from being pulled out. Once on the Conveyor, the individual coils can be weighed (optional) and then sent to the Banding Station. Our basic system also typically incorporates a Semi-Automatic Banding Station. After the mults are banded, a manually operated mono rail type crane with I.D. grab is used to transfer the coils to a skid. The skids can be placed either on the floor or on a table where a fork truck can easily access the pallets and transfer them to the desired location.