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Quality and Value that Satisfies

“Red Bud…has put us in position to grow our market share faster than the growth of the construction industry. We have been very pleased with the results.”
[Mike Petersen, CEO, Petersen Aluminum]

The first Mike Petersen had ever heard of Red Bud was at a NAAD board meeting many years ago. He heard a couple board members mention Red Bud’s Cut-To-Length Lines. Today, he owns a number of them himself. Over the last several years, they were experiencing growing demand across their product line and knew they also needed more slitting capacity. Hoping to find a high quality, high speed Slitter that met their needs was the challenge. Frankly, they didn’t think such a product existed. Enter Red Bud.

They bought and installed the first Red Bud Slitter in their Ac­worth, Georgia, plant and have since installed similar lines in each of their five plants. We currently have nine Red Bud Lines in total, and we have been very pleased with the results.

When Pacific Steel and Recycling, a company with a 100+ year legacy, decided to expand into new markets, they put pencil to paper to run the numbers. With 40 locations in 9 states in the western United States, factors such as productivity, efficiency, logistics, and new market penetration all “penciled out” as the company researched and interviewed other companies to discover who they could partner with to maximize their investment. That search led to Red Bud Industries.

“We are very excited about our new 1/2″ x 96″ wide Red Bud Stretcher Leveler and expect to hit capacity very soon. As we continue to grow this line, we will absolutely look to work with Red Bud Industries in the future.”

“With our Red Bud Equipment, we have processed up to 25 hot rolled and pickled steel coils per shift daily for 8 years now.”

Rudolf Flender, a manufacturer of premium tubular steel solutions, needed two key characteristics in a Slitting Line–superior dependability and unmatched productivity. Their Red Bud Industries’ Slitting Line has more than satisfied both of these requirements. Day after day, year after year, they continue to rely on their Red Bud Industries’ Slitting Line.

“The high reliability of the Red Bud Slitting Line and the quality of the products are complimented by excellent technical service and very quick delivery of spare parts. All this makes Red Bud Industries a strong partner for our company.”

Als Hersteller von Premium-Stahlrohr-Lösungen sind wir bei FLENDER auf zuverlässige, hochproduktive und flexible Maschinen und Verarbeitungsanlagen angewiesen, die unseren Qualitätsanforderungen entsprechen.

Mit Red Bud Industries haben wir den Hersteller von Querteilanlagen gefunden, der all unseren Anforderungen gerecht wurde. Mit der Red Bud-Anlage verarbeiten wir täglich seit fast 8 Jahren bis zu 25 warmgewalzte und gebeizte Stahlcoils mit sehr unterschiedlichen Materialstärken und -breiten.

Die hohe Zuverlässigkeit der Red Bud-Anlage sowie die Ergebnisqualität werden durch einen exzellenten technischen Service und eine sehr schnelle Ersatzteillieferung abgerundet. All das macht Red Bud Industries zu einem starken Partner unseres Unternehmens.

Our Red Bud Industries’ Stretcher Leveler is so much more than an important piece of equipment– it has transformed our business.

When PVS-Metals, a subsidiary of Owen Industries, decided to expand into new markets, they turned to Red Bud Industries. Their investment in this new, massive Stretcher Leveler allowed PVS to reach into an entirely new marketplace offering the latest in Coil Leveling Technology. With this new expansion and dramatically improved automation and capabilities, PVS can handle any project from design to delivery, start to finish.

Red Bud’s ongoing dedication to manufacturing the most innovative, world class equipment in the industry clearly separates Red Bud Industries from the rest.

Red Bud has been outstanding in response to training our employees as well as dedication to our customers’ needs and requirements. Red Bud Industries is a world class organization.

Magic Coil Products needed much more than a clever illusion to keep steel processing customers happy. They needed Red Bud’s Multi-Blanking Line – a Cut-To-Length Line with slitting capabilities that makes it easy and efficient to produce a custom size part. Now Magic Coil Products can produce tight tolerance blanks faster and more accurately and that makes both Magic Coil and their customers happy. No sleight of hand or magic wand–just smart solutions from Red Bud Industries!

When PVS Metals, a division of Owen Industries, decided to build the industry’s most advanced coil processing and fabrication center, they chose Red Bud technology.

That center now operates one of the world’s largest Stretcher Leveler Cut-To-Length Lines. It processes master coils up to 1 inch thick, producing sheets up to 64 feet in length. Those sheets are perfectly flat, and the parts cut from them on the center’s fiber lasers remain perfectly flat… just how PVS Metals’ customers want them.

The products and services we provide make our customers more competitive. That’s what Red Bud does for us as well.

Our sheet and plate customers are competitive if their steel is “table top” flat and stays that way after processing. We once thought that meant a temper mill, but the Stretcher Leveler is a far better value. Today, we operate four Red Bud Stretcher Leveler CTL Lines at three facilities. We can supply a customer from any one of these facilities knowing they will get the same consistent, high quality product from those lines; just as Red Bud delivers the same consistent, high quality technology and support to us, day-in and day-out, year-after-year.

When it comes to slitting technology, Red Bud is in a class by itself. And Red Bud support is world class too.

Ten years ago, we decided to enter the slitting business. We evaluated all slitter suppliers and saw that Red Bud clearly had the best technology – safety, set ups, throughput – they were top of the class. And no one else offered a 5 year warranty.

The decision to go with Red Bud has really paid off. The line is durable, accurate and Red Bud keeps us updated with new features they develop that make it perform even better. And you can’t ask for more responsive support. Anyone looking for a slitter would do well to talk to Red Bud.

Customers choose us because our product is predictable, reliable, and repeatable. Same reasons we choose Red Bud.

We sell high quality cut sheet and plate our customers count on to stay at after lasering, forming, or whatever they do with it. Red Bud has the best technology for that, but execution really sets them apart. We operate two Red Bud Stretcher Leveler CTL Lines at our original facility, and decided to build a greenfield service center based around this advanced .500” Stretcher Leveler CTL Plate Line. We cut coil the same day we opened, and within just a few weeks, we were running 12 hours a day, 7 days a week, thanks to predictable, reliable, repeatable Red Bud support.

Red Bud’s technology gave us a clear competitive advantage. Their service helps us maintain it.

At McNeilus Steel, we succeed by adapting to our customers needs. They needed ‘stay flat’ steel blanks, so we invested in a Red Bud Blanking Line with Stretcher Leveling. Our customers were delighted with the product, but also wanted it in heavier gage. We thought we‘d have to buy a temper mill, but Red Bud adapted to our needs and produced the first-ever .500” Stretcher Leveler CTL Plate Line. We were so pleased we bought two more. Not just because of the technology, but also because Red Bud supports us so well. They're a customer first company.

Red Bud equipment and service gives us a competitive advantage our customers prefer.

The Dependability Difference® is High Steel Service Center’s commitment to provide value-added services and product innovations to support our customer’s success. Red Bud Industries plays a crucial role in meeting that commitment. Our HIGHSL® – Panel Flat that Stays Flat, 100% stress-free sheet and plate product is produced on a Red Bud Stretcher Leveler. We produce carbon, stainless, and aluminum leveled sheet and plate, multi-cut precision blanks, and slit coil – all on Red Bud equipment. Red Bud accuracy, reliability, and automation helps us deliver the highest quality material, on time, to keep our customers competitive.

Red Bud’s performance and reliability have been key to our growth. That goes for their equipment and their service.

I spec’d, bought and installed this Red Bud Multi-Blanking Line 15 years ago. The product coming off was of such quality and accuracy, it helped us win customers. Since then, we’ve added 7 more Red Bud Lines.

At Phoenix Metals, we are committed to fast turnaround of orders and we’ve built an infrastructure that allows us to do it. Our Red Bud Lines are dependable and they change over fast – they are key to our ability to respond. Just as important is Red Bud’s support. Many suppliers claim ‘24/7’ support. Red Bud actually delivers it.

“We wanted to buy a Stretcher in order to improve our market share and differentiate our products from the rest of the market. We knew it would allow us to achieve unsurpassed flatness and eliminate spring back. After looking at a number of different manufacturers, we decided to go with Red Bud. They already had a lot of experience with stretcher leveling and had a proven track record.

Now that the Stretcher is in operation, we are very happy with our decision. Our clients have reacted very well to the product we are able to produce. Our volumes have definitely increased. What stood out to us was Red Bud’s total commitment to our satisfaction and the responsiveness of their team. Our experience with Red Bud was very good. They produce a quality machine and stand behind their products.”

In a multi-year market research study, we determined that our industry’s top concern is the flatness of sheet and plate steel. Meeting this need for panel-flat, stress-free material required investment. In evaluating new equipment, we determined that stretcher leveling technology has evolved to become the price of admission to the marketplace. We chose a Red Bud Industries’ Stretcher Leveler because of its outstanding performance, the company’s strong reputation, and our excellent ongoing relationship.

With Red Bud’s responsive and knowledgeable service, our new Stretcher Leveler was up and running on schedule. Now we produce HIGHSL, the first panel­flat, stress-free sheet and plate in our geographic area. Customer response has been overwhelming, and we have earned new business from fabricators and OEMs who recognize that truly flat steel can substantially reduce their operating costs.

Red Bud is a valued partner in our business success.

“We’re HRS guys. We operated the first 1/2″ x 96” wide temper mill in the country in the late 90’s, so we know tempering. Tempering is great, but it’s an art and very operator dependent. Stretcher leveling is more of a science and all about brute force. We’ve seen plenty of shape “induced” into a HRS coil from a temper mill. There is no question that the tempered material is a great product, but the Stretcher is virtually bulletproof. The Stretcher is more user friendly, easier to operate, and cheaper to maintain. When work orders are completed, we no longer ask how the material came out. We already know. It’s dead flat.”

“We were looking for a new line to help better position ourselves in the market. We decided to go with Red Bud because of their reputation, service, and innovative designs. We felt their stretcher leveling technology would give us the opportunity to offer our customers a superior level of flatness. Now that the line is in, I have to say it performs as advertised. We have people that ask for our product due to the flatness we can produce and some customers have already told us they will not order from anywhere else.”

“The new line really gives us an edge, our customers love the product!

We already had two Red Bud Stretchers at our Dodge Center facility so our customers were used to getting stretcher leveled material. So when we decided to get our own line, Red Bud was the obvious choice. We are very pleased with the new line, it has given us a real edge in our market. Our customers really appreciate the great quality and the flat product the line produces. With Red Bud, you don’t get any surprises, they do what they say. It’s quality equipment, great stuff!”

“Our existing equipment did a good job, but we needed to be able to guarantee the flatness that only a Stretcher Leveler could deliver. We considered other manufacturers, but decided to go with Red Bud. Their machine offered the best features and they had the most experience and expertise. They were also able to retrofit their system into our existing equipment. We were so impressed, we bought two. We have to say, we were surprised with the ease of installation. It took very little time to be trained to run the equipment. Red Bud provided excellent training, and they were very professional. Everything they said happened. Now that the units are in operation, they are performing even better than we expected. Our customers love it!”

“We were looking for a new Cut-To-Length Line for our Omaha facility. We had heard good things about Red Bud’s Stretcher Levelers, so we decided to take a look. We were impressed with what they offered, so we decided to buy one of their machines.

Now that the line is in operation, I have to say we are very happy with the system. The quality that comes off the line is exceptional. Our customers really like the product. Working with Red Bud was a positive experience. Their people were good to work with and they made sure the equipment went in without any hassles and was up and running quickly. The new line has lived up to our expectations. We are very happy with our decision.”

“As the thin gage, hot rolled market became more and more competitive in Israel, we realized that producing a “good” product was not enough. We wanted to separate ourselves from our competitors by being able to offer extremely flat, low stress material. After looking at our options, we decided that a Red Bud Line with a Stretcher Leveler would give us the capability to offer a product that no one else could match.

Now that our line is in operation, it is performing even better than we had expected. The Stretcher has lived up to its reputation. We are able to produce stress free material that stays flat even after secondary operations, no spring back! Laser cutters, in particular, have been enthusiastic about the product. Another of our goals was achieved by reducing the number of our shears, thanks to Red Bud’s Multi-Blanking System in our line.

The addition of Red Bud’s integrated line has not only increased our efficiency, but has given us a competitive advantage in our market at a time when every customer counts.”

“We’re Up To Seven And Counting

We bought our first line from Red Bud in 1997. At the time, we felt they offered the best capabilities and the most value for our money. Ultimately, their equipment proved to be a good value while providing superior performance. So, when we needed a second line, we went back to Red Bud. That has been several years ago, and today we are up to our seventh installation.

We have come to rely on Red Bud as they have become an integral part of our business. Our customers have come to expect a high quality product, and with our Red Bud’s, they are never disappointed.”

“Our old line was inefficient and unreliable. We needed a new line that could meet our customers’ requirements for flatness and length tolerances. It had to be a fast, reliable, and very productive line capable of producing high quality sheet product.

We contacted Red Bud to schedule a visit. We were impressed by their line’s speed, length control, and ability to shear directly into box skids.

Once installed, we were pleased with how short the learning curve was for our new line. Our operators were at the controls and producing high quality material right away.

We service the aerospace, medical, automotive, chemical, and petrochemical industries. In addition to being pleased with the product, customers that have visited us are very impressed with the line.

To me, the Red Bud name stands for “high quality and efficient machinery”. We considered the other guys, but in the end, we chose Red Bud.”

“For accuracy, ease of installation, service reputation, and warranty, you can’t beat Red Bud.

We needed to increase our market share in the flat rolled market so we gave Red Bud a call. We decided to purchase a Red Bud Cut-To-Length Line because of its demonstrated cutting accuracy and ease of installation along with Red Bud’s five year warranty and their stellar service reputation. I’m pleased to report that our new Red Bud Line is extremely reliable and easy to use. We’re now able to offer a high quality finished product to our customers.”

Why did you buy the new line?
What did you hope to gain or accomplish?

“To increase our market share in the flat rolled segment. To gain flexibility on our cutting schedule.”

What markets do you or will you pursue with the line?

“We are pursuing the HVAC, appliance, and transportation market segments.”

Why did you buy the line from Red Bud?

“For its cutting accuracy, ease of installation, warranty, and service reputation.”

Did the line do everything you had hoped?

“Yes, the equipment is very reliable. The after sales service is excellent.”

Have you picked up new business as a direct result of the new line?

“Indeed, we are now able to offer a better finished product than our competition in most cases.”

List any additional comments relating to tolerances, efficiency, experience with installation and startup, or Red Bud personnel in general.

“The line upon delivery was almost 100% debugged which made the start up very easy. The technician that was on site during the final installation was excellent. The regular after sales follow up is appreciated.”

“When we purchased a new Cut-To-Length Line a few years ago, we went with Red Bud. Because of our positive experience and our satisfaction with the first line, we decided to go with them when we bought our new Slitter. We needed a line that would allow us to process wider coils, heavier gage material, and produce a higher quality product. We also wanted a line that was safer to operate and we liked the new innovations and safety features Red Bud had developed. Now that it is installed, the line does everything we had hoped. We have already picked up new business. Red Bud’s personnel are easy to work with and are very cooperative.”

“The time had come for us to replace some older processing lines. We needed a new line that could increase our production efficiency and processing capacity as well as improve the quality of the products we deliver to our customers. We felt that a Red Bud Multi-Blanking Line was exactly what we needed. No other line can match the speed, flexibility, and reliability of a Red Bud.

Our new Red Bud Line has done everything that we’ve asked of it. Our sales force is now able to pursue orders from a variety of different industries with the confidence of knowing our processing equipment will be able to produce it within tolerance and without limits. We also have the added comfort of knowing Red Bud’s terrific service and extensive parts supply will keep us running and serving our customers.”

“We are very impressed by the Stretcher Leveler.

We wanted a line that could process high strength material, and guarantee an exceptionally flat product. We also wanted a system that would guarantee our customers better tolerances. After reviewing a number of manufacturers, we selected Red Bud Industries.

At Holvoet quality and service are the starting points in everything we do. The people at Red Bud Industries share these qualities and the same ‘hard working spirit’. During the vendor selection process, we recognized that the Red Bud Industries’ Line had several capabilities which were unique to our market. We were very impressed with their Stretcher Leveler as it delivers material free of internal stresses. This is very important to our most demanding customers.

We have been running for several months now and have excellent results. We are receiving orders from customers that – for diverse reasons – want extremely flat material and we are confident that this business will continue to grow in the coming months. It was a great experience working with Red Bud Industries. We thank them for their help and look forward to working with them in the future.”

“Before purchasing our new line, we talked to many different people that owned or had experience with Red Bud Industries’ Lines. All were extremely satisfied. I also looked at competitor’s equipment but just felt they weren’t as well put together. I always felt Red Bud wasn’t trying to oversell their equipment. The line has done everything we have asked and more. It allows quick turnarounds for fast deliveries and produces tolerances closer than we thought possible. I have been very pleased with the performance and durability of the line. Our experience with Red Bud has been very good.”

“Our new Red Bud Multi-Blanking Line produces dead flat blanks with ±.005″ (.127 mm) length and width tolerances on even the most surface critical exposed applications. The line performs as promised. With Red Bud’s multi-blanking technology and a Roller Leveler, we are able to produce the highest quality parts possible. From installation to service, everything was handled in an extremely professional manner.”

“I have to admit when we looked at Red Bud’s Line, we were skeptical at first. However, after comparing what we got with their line, we realized we would get more ‘bang for the buck’. RBI’s personnel also gave us a very good feeling.

Now that the new line is up and running, I have to say we are extremely pleased with every aspect of the startup process. We are sure we made the right choice and highly recommend Red Bud to anyone looking to purchase a new line. The system produces a superior product, and our operators learned to run the line quickly. In addition to running prime material, the line has also proven its ability to significantly improve secondary material with its Multi-Strand Leveling System. Not only are we satisfied with the results, we are quite impressed.”

“We’ve purchased a number of Slitting Lines over the years. Although we have been satisfied with our selections in the past, when we purchased a new line, we went with Red Bud. Their line produces a high quality product, is user friendly, and easy to operate. In addition, it includes a number of unique innovations that allow quick push button Uncoiler to Recoiler threading and automatic strip nesting. Installation was straightforward and foundation requirements were minimal. Now that the line is in operation, we are equally impressed with its performance.”

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