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Lapham-Hickey Testimonial


“The service and reliability of Red Bud's steel processing lines are a known commodity for us.”
[Brian Hickey | President | Lapham-Hickey Steel]

Lapham-Hickey Steel is a fourth generation, family-run steel service center with a history dating back to 1926. Currently, they have 10 locations throughout the Midwest, Southeast, and Northeast. Processing coil, sheet, plate, long products, and fabrications, Lapham-Hickey servces every metal consuming industry.

Over 30 years of history with Red Bud Industries gave Lapham-Hickey ease of mind in purchasing their new 60" Red Bud Slitting Line. Lapham-Hickey was looking for features that included safety, efficiency, and automation.

"The Red Bud Slitting Line help ensure our employees go home the same way they came in. From front to back of the line, there are automated features in place so that we don't have to handle the steel. The capabilities of this line allow us to handle the full range of steel from .008" up to .250" narrow slit coils and high strength steel."

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Quality and Value that Satisfies

“Red Bud…has put us in position to grow our market share faster than the growth of the construction industry. We have been very pleased with the results.”
[Mike Petersen, CEO, Petersen Aluminum]

The first Mike Petersen had ever heard of Red Bud was at a NAAD board meeting many years ago. He heard a couple board members mention Red Bud’s Cut-To-Length Lines. Today, he owns a number of them himself. Over the last several years, they were experiencing growing demand across their product line and knew they also needed more slitting capacity. Hoping to find a high quality, high speed Slitter that met their needs was the challenge. Frankly, they didn’t think such a product existed. Enter Red Bud.

They bought and installed the first Red Bud Slitter in their Ac­worth, Georgia, plant and have since installed similar lines in each of their five plants. We currently have nine Red Bud Lines in total, and we have been very pleased with the results.

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"With Red Bud’s robust design, advanced technology, focus on safety, and terrific customer support, we knew partnering with Red Bud was the right choice. They delivered exactly what we needed."
[Luis Ignacio Villasenor, Director of Operations, National Material of Mexico]

NMM is a subsidiary of National Material L.P. which has a long history of quality and service dating back to 1946. Since its founding, National Material L.P. has grown to over 30 business units and is now one of the largest suppliers of steel in America. NMM is one of the largest Steel Service Centers in Mexico serving automotive, HVAC, home appliance, motor, and transformer manufacturers in Mexico.

When NMM started planning an expansion for its Monterrey facility, we needed a Slitting Line with specific capabilities and features able to handle the new generation of advanced high strength steel. Our search for a stronger, faster, and more capable Slitter led us to Red Bud Industries and their powerful line of equipment. Now that the line is operational, RBI technicians have been providing unparalleled 24/7 technical support, and we look forward to working with them in the future.

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The products and services we provide make our customers more competitive. That’s what Red Bud does for us as well.

Our sheet and plate customers are competitive if their steel is “table top” flat and stays that way after processing. We once thought that meant a temper mill, but the Stretcher Leveler is a far better value. Today, we operate four Red Bud Stretcher Leveler CTL Lines at three facilities. We can supply a customer from any one of these facilities knowing they will get the same consistent, high quality product from those lines; just as Red Bud delivers the same consistent, high quality technology and support to us, day-in and day-out, year-after-year.

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When it comes to slitting technology, Red Bud is in a class by itself. And Red Bud support is world class too.

Ten years ago, we decided to enter the slitting business. We evaluated all slitter suppliers and saw that Red Bud clearly had the best technology – safety, set ups, throughput – they were top of the class. And no one else offered a 5 year warranty.

The decision to go with Red Bud has really paid off. The line is durable, accurate and Red Bud keeps us updated with new features they develop that make it perform even better. And you can’t ask for more responsive support. Anyone looking for a slitter would do well to talk to Red Bud.

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Red Bud equipment and service gives us a competitive advantage our customers prefer.

The Dependability Difference® is High Steel Service Center’s commitment to provide value-added services and product innovations to support our customer’s success. Red Bud Industries plays a crucial role in meeting that commitment. Our HIGHSL® – Panel Flat that Stays Flat, 100% stress-free sheet and plate product is produced on a Red Bud Stretcher Leveler. We produce carbon, stainless, and aluminum leveled sheet and plate, multi-cut precision blanks, and slit coil – all on Red Bud equipment. Red Bud accuracy, reliability, and automation helps us deliver the highest quality material, on time, to keep our customers competitive.

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