EPS®Eco Pickled Surface

Environmentally Friendly Pickling

The EPS®process is an acid-free replacement for traditional acid pickling that is environmentally friendly and produces a scale free, clean, rust-resistant surface without the use of hazardous chemicals associated with acid pickling. Since EPS processed material is rust-resistant, it does not require a protective coat of oil to keep it from rusting as is the case with acid pickled material.

As opposed to acid pickling, EPS is a mechanical process that uses steel grit and water, both of which are re-circulated for continuous reuse. This technology is called slurry blasting. The slurry mixture is propelled onto the strip in a uniform stream that removes surface scale without removing the base steel. The EPS process also mitigates mill surface defects such as small pits, silicon streaks, roller bruises, and even acid pickling stains.

The EPS Process was developed and invented by The Material Works, Ltd. For more information, please visit www.epsprocess.com

EPS® is a registered trademark of The Material Works, Ltd.

Eco Pickled Surface Process Is  Environmentally Friendly And Acid Free