Controls, Monitoring, and Diagnostics

Red Bud Industries’ Video Monitoring System includes strategically located cameras which allow the operator to view critical line operations from the console. A split screen allows the operator to see multiple locations at once. Video feed can also be recorded on the provided DVR. Remote viewing is included and allows the use of a web browser to view the line from remote locations. Cameras are individually mounted to isolation stands to minimize and/or eliminate machine vibrations. The system includes eight colored cameras, camera guards, video cabling, HD monitor, and electrical hookups.

The Camera System can be used to help complement the advanced controls and the high degree of automation that is provided with our equipment. Our PLC is also integrated directly with our Time Tracker System for automatic data collection. In addition, our system includes advanced diagnostics that automatically monitors the line. A historian provides a history of every function that has been performed for up to one year. This information is a valuable tool which allows service technicians to backtrack the line’s operation to help them better pinpoint hard to catch faults. A remote connection allows troubleshooting and advanced diagnostics from offsite. This system also allows program changes and updates to be made quickly from Red Bud Industries.

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