Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Equipment?

When it comes to your Coil Processing Equipment, how confident are you that you are getting the most out of it? What percentage of the day does your equipment actually run? If you said, “It is a lot less than we would like,” then Red Bud Industries can help.

At Red Bud Industries, our motto is “Keep the metal moving!” Consequently, we continue to develop new cutting-edge technology to do just that. Over the years, we have successfully worked with hundreds of service centers and OEMs around the world to help them reduce personnel requirements while improving the efficiency of their coil processing operation. We can help you too!

Drawing on decades of experience, we can help develop a plan that is geared toward your specific requirements. How do we do it? First, we put boots on the ground. We watch and learn as much about your equipment as possible, the types of jobs you run, and what you currently have to do in order to meet your customers’ requirements. We then develop specific solutions so you can do it better, faster, and more efficiently. The end result is better productivity, higher throughput, and a more streamlined operation.