Heavy Gage Cut-To-LengthPlate Lines

Red Bud Industries is a leading manufacturer of heavy duty Heavy Gage Cut-To-Length Plate Lines. In the past, we were primarily known for our Light Gage High Speed Blanking Lines. However, people are surprised to find that today we produce more Heavy Gage Lines than any other manufacturer in the industry. Because our systems include unique features that minimize personnel and reduce set up time and material handling, our lines optimize throughput and produce more tons per hour.

Red Bud Industries builds Heavy Gage Cut-To-Length Plate Lines to process material thicknesses up to 1.00” (25 mm) at material widths up to 96″ (2438 mm) and coil weights up to 90,000 lb (41,000 kg).

Our systems also include state-of-the-art guarding and an industry leading 5 Year Warranty. If you have not looked at a Red Bud Heavy Gage Cut-To-Length Plate Line, maybe you should. We are changing the industry one line at a time. Give us a call for your next project. We guarantee you will be impressed.

Our In-Line Stretcher Leveler with SUREGRIP® technology can also be incorporated into our Cut-To-Length/Blanking Lines to produce panel flat stress reduced blanks.

• Coil storage/Dual Uncoiler with regenerative drive braking
• Coil prep area/fully automatic “hands free” coil loading
• “Deep plunge” heavy gage plate flatteners with “pop top”
• Brush/vacuum Dust Collector
• Heavy Gage Grip and Roll Feeds
• “Accu-Square” Shears with quick change knife cassettes
• High Speed Drop Stacker with “scrap puller”
• “Lift Type” Conveyors