Heavy Gage Slitting Lines

Red Bud Industries’ Heavy Gage Slitting Lines combine all the features available in our Light Gage High Speed Slitting Lines with the robust construction of our Heavy Gage CTL Plate Lines.

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Slitting heavy gage and/or the new high strength materials can be a challenge. Our specially designed Slitter Heads can be equipped with up to 750 horsepower so they have the power to tackle the toughest requirements. However, slitting the material is just half the battle. Once cut, the strips must be contained, thread through the line, and thread into the Recoiler gripper. Our lines are designed to automatically contain the strips and transport them to the Recoiler where they are automatically thread into the Recoiler gripper. The result is “hands free” threading and the quickest set up and changeover in the industry. If your heavy gage line is not up to the challenge, give us a call to see how we can help you.

Our Heavy Gage Slitting Lines feature:

• Heavy Duty Dual Uncoiler with regenerative drive braking
• Slitter Head with “precision large arbor technology” and “Camber Trac” System
• Automatic Uncoiler to Recoiler strip threading
• Push button “hands free” Recoiler gripper slot threading

Capacities up to .625″ (16 mm) x 96″ (2438 mm) Coil weight up to 90,000 lb. (40,823 kg)