Automatic CoilLoading System


Red Bud Industries offers a fully automated Coil Prestage & Load System for their Heavy Gage Coil Processing Lines. This system automatically advances prestaged coils and loads them onto a Dual Stub Uncoiler. The advanced system is comprised of an in-line Coil Prestaging System, integrated Coil Car, and Dual Stub Uncoiler. These components operate in concert to eliminate the need for operator attention or intervention when loading coils. With the push of one button, the Coil Prestage & Load System’s integrated Coil Car retrieves the coil to be processed. The system will then measure the outside and inside diameters of the coil. After measuring, the Coil Car will position and raise the coil as required automatically for loading onto the line’s Uncoiler. The Dual Mandrel Uncoiler will then spear the coil and center it automatically on the line. This sequence of events takes place unattended by the line’s operator.

The Coil Prestage & Load System can also incorporate a Coil Reject Station. Unlike traditional In-Line Coil Prestaging Systems which have no means of their own to change the sequence in which coils are to be processed, this supplementary coil staging area allows the process order of the coils to be changed when required. It also allows for partially processed coils to be removed and stored offline eliminating the need for an overhead crane to remove a coil before the next coil can be processed. This allows for quick changeover to the next coil to be processed.