Rotating Brush DustCollection System


Red Bud Industries offers a Rotating Brush Dust Collection System. In the past, many companies have offered a variety of vacuum systems to remove both scale and hot roll dust from the surface of the strip as it is processed in a Coil Line. These basic vacuum systems relied on the power of the vacuum alone to remove the dust and debris from the material. However, after vacuuming, a significant amount of scale and dust remained on the surface of the material. This is because the debris on your material acts just like the dust on your car. There is a magnetic attraction between the dust and debris and the metal surface. Have you ever noticed how, even at highway speeds, not all the dust is blown off the surface of your car? So too after vacuuming, not all the loose scale and hot roll dust have been removed from your material. To improve the cleaning process, Red Bud Industries has developed a combination Rotating Brush Dust Collection System. This advanced system utilizes a pair of non-marking upper and lower rotating brushes in concert with a vacuum to agitate the surface of the material and remove a much larger amount of dust and debris from both sides of the strip. This will greatly reduce the amount of dust and dirt spread around your Coil Line and your plant. To increase brush life, the upper and lower brushes alternately move from side to side as they rotate so the brush wears more evenly. The Rotating Brush Dust Collection Unit is available on new lines and can also be retrofitted onto existing lines as well.