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From all of us at Red Bud Industries, we once again would like to thank you for the privilege to service and support the Coil Processing industry this past year. We take great pride in supporting all of our customers around the globe, making your continued success our priority.

We would be honored and humbled to have you vote for us in the Metal Center News 2022 “Top Equipment Brands” survey. This annual survey is a great platform to showcase and award the best supplier of Coil Processing Equipment.

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Cut-To-Length Line with Stretcher Leveler in Slovakia.

Valcovna Profilov was established in 1998 with the goal of being the leading metal toll processor in Eastern Slovakia. As the company grew, they knew they needed to improve their product. Their research led them to a Cut-To-Length Line from Red Bud Industries. Valcovna Profilov knew their customers wanted flat, stress-free material, so adding Red Bud’s In-Line Stretcher Leveler with SureGrip® technology was a no-brainer.

“We found an equipment partner that offered high quality equipment with world class technology that could also meet the high productivity demands of our customers. When we decide to look for another Cut-To-Length Line, we know that Red Bud Industries will be the best supplier.”

New Cut-To-Length/Blanking Line Produces Surface Critical Parts.

Magna Stainless, a division of Canadian Specialty Metals, has been in operation for over 30 years. Located in Saint-Laurent, Quebec, they supply raw aluminum and stainless steel in the form of coil, sheet, and extrusion to Quebec and the Eastern Ontario regions.

When Magna Stainless decided to put in a cut-to-length line, they reached out to several customers of Red Bud Industries to learn of their experiences. The feedback received was overwhelmingly excellent, with major emphasis on the outstanding service provided by Red Bud Industries.

“Red Bud stood out to Magna Stainless. Their service, support, and after sales service had a very good reputation. Red Bud is the leader in design and manufacture of Coil Processing Lines. They are able to offer an innovative, robust design that will always work and never let you down.”

BTH Produces Precision Cut-To-Length Parts in Poland.

BTH Import Stal has been an important supplier for the Polish steel industry for nearly three decades. They are among the largest domestic importers of stainless steel and have worked with the furniture, food, chemical, and other stainless steel industries.

Red Bud Industries was their first experience with coil steel processing. Red Bud's advanced Multi-Blanking technology was important to BTH Import Stal in order to make 8 mults of stainless in one shearing cycle.

"We are processing 45,000 tons of stainless steel annually. Fortunately, Red Bud's 24/7 hotline allows us to solve any problem that occurs within a few minutes. We are very satisfied with our purchase from Red Bud Industries, and I'm sure that our next purchase will also be from them."
- Tomasz Kotarba, Member of the Board

Here We Grow Again! Red Bud Industries Expands Their Manufacturing Facility to Keep Up With Customer Demand.
Red Bud Industries is excited to announce an expansion to their manufacturing facility in Red Bud, Illinois. The approximately 55,000 square feet addition will bring their total space to over 250,000 square feet. The expansion, expected to be completed in the summer of 2022, will allow more equipment to be assembled and tested concurrently. The expansion will also help support a recently added Mazak i450HS lathe with robotic automation, the company’s 20th Mazak machine and a new plasma cutting table.

“Despite all the difficulties associated with COVID and its interruption of our international sales, we are actually the busiest we have ever been in our 62-year history. When we examined our current workload and future orders, we really had no choice but to grow both our building and our team if we wanted to maintain the level of support our customers have come to expect,” explained Kalin Liefer, President. “We have always had a little different mindset when it came to outsourcing. By staying as vertically integrated as possible and performing everything from the design to construction to programming under one roof, we are able to guarantee the quality of each process and react immediately to our customers’ needs. Recently, that structure has also insulated us from the supply chain issues that are affecting others. The new building addition will help improve our efficiency and lead times even further.”

Not Too Small, Not Too Big, Petersen Aluminum’s New Red Bud Slitting Lines Are Just Right… for Their Business.
“What set Red Bud apart from the competition was their willingness to design a solution that worked for us. They were able to think outside of the box and create something that benefits us long-term”
[Mike Weis | Southeast Regional Manager | Petersen Aluminum Corporation]

Red Bud Industries Manufactures New Automated Light Gauge Slitting Line for Gutter Coil Stock
Red Bud Industries recently completed building a very unique Slitting Line designed for the metal building products industry. This system will automatically slit and breakdown a master coil into 350 lb coils (or any weight you require). Once this weight is reached on the Recoiler, the line will automatically stop. The coils are then automatically cropped off and separated for packaging by the exit Coil Car while the Recoiler is automatically rethreaded and the line restarts. This process is all completed in just over 2 minutes and it is fully-automatic and unassisted by the operator. This level of technology is not common and will greatly increase your production.

Red Bud Industries Voted #1 for Coil Processing in Metal Center News "Top Equipment Brands" Survey
May 2021

For the fifth time in the last six years, Red Bud Industries has been ranked #1 for Coil Processing Equipment in the Metal Center News "Top Equipment Brands" survey. Since our humble beginning in 1959, we have dedicated ourselves to providing the best possible solutions for our customers and providing them with the service and support they need for continued success. This award is a true testament that our team is making a difference in the industry and more importantly, positively impacting our loyal customers with whom we have built a relationship extending over three generations. Thank you to all of our partners that voted in this year's survey. We look forward to partnering with you for years to come.

Metal Center News 2021 Top Equipment Brand Survey Results

Camden Yards’ Red Bud Industries Stretcher Leveler Featured in Modern Metals Magazine
Camden Yards Steel, a flat-rolled steel service center in Camden, New Jersey, was recently featured in Modern Metals magazine with an article showcasing their new .500" (12.7 mm) x 96" (2438 mm) Red Bud Industries Stretcher Leveler Half-Line Retrofit. In this article, Camden Yards’ CEO, Mike Amato, Sr., explains what their deciding factor was in ultimately choosing Red Bud Industries. The equipment also included a new Shear with Quick-Change Shear Blades, a Dust Collection System, and a new 40' (12,000 mm) Stacker featuring 60,000 lb (27,000 kg) Stack Tables with 60" (1524 mm) of lift. Multi-blanking capabilities were also added to a Light Gauge Cut-To-Length Line at the same time.
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Metal Center News Article Showcases Lapham-Hickey Steel’s Red Bud Industries Slitting and Packaging Line
Lapham-Hickey, a steel service center located in Bedford Park, Illinois, was recently featured in a Metal Center News article showcasing their new 0.250” (6.3 mm) x 60” (1524 mm) Red Bud Industries Slitting and Packaging Line. In this article, Brian Hickey, President of Lapham-Hickey Steel, describes the process that ultimately led them to choosing Red Bud Industries for this project. With features such as automatic coil loading, “hands free” push button strip threading, and time tracking efficiency software, Red Bud Industries offered just what Lapham-Hickey was looking for in a new line.
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Metal Center News Feature

Greenpoint Metals Red Bud Industries Blanking Line Featured in Modern Metals Magazine
Greenpoint Metals Inc., a steel service center located in Franklin, Ohio, was recently featured in Modern Metals magazine with an article showcasing their new .135” (3.5 mm) x 72” (1829 mm) Red Bud Industries Multi-Cut Blanking Line with Stretcher Leveler. Built to process high strength steel, Greenpoint Metal’s new line can handle material with tensile strengths up to 175,000 psi (1200 MPa). In this article, read why Greenpoint Metals chose Red Bud Industries to manufacture their state-of-the-art Blanking Line.
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Modern Metals Magazine Feature