Pacific Steel Video Testimonial

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Pacific Steel, one of the largest steel service center groups in the Pacific Northwest, knew it was time to grow their market share by investing in their first ever Coil Processing Line. After years of market research, they ultimately decided to purchase a .500″ (12.7 mm) x 96″ (2440 mm) Cut-To-Length Line with Stretcher Leveler from Red Bud Industries. The line was recently installed at their brand new Syracuse, Utah, location.

In the video, hear from Ed Joyce, Vice President of Steel Operations for Pacific Steel, and Tyler Colling, Manager at Pacific Steel’s Syracuse, Utah, location, on why they chose Red Bud Industries, and how the new line has already impacted their business. “When we started working with Red Bud, you could tell it was a quality company. It is not with every company that you can receive that type of quality,” Tyler states. With their new Red Bud Industries Stretcher Leveler, Pacific Steel is able to offer their customers a superior product. Ed mentions, “Customers absolutely love the product that comes off our Red Bud Stretcher. When the product comes off, it comes off flat and stays flat.”