Líneas de CorteLongitudinal para Calibres Ligeros

Indispensable Productivity Tools for Metal Building Producers

Precision Light Gauge Slitters for Metal Building Manufacturers

Red Bud Industries’ Light Gauge Slitters for painted/coated coils are the indispensable productivity tools for metal building panel producers. These Slitters are simple to set up and easy to operate. They are also reliable, steady performers for short or long production runs.

These compact, floor-mounted systems come prepiped/prewired for quick installation and easy maintenance. They are the industry’s only Light Gauge Slitters backed by a 5 Year Warranty and “24/7” Service.

We also offer a number of different types of Slitting Heads. Our Slide and Lock unit is an economical, yet effective, method for slitting your material. For companies that do a lot of short runs that require quick Slitter Head set up and changeover, we offer our Semi-Automatic CNC Programmable Head. With this unit, each knife set can be positioned and ready to go in as little as two minutes or less. The knives also automatically lock into place with the push of a button. We also offer traditional Packed Arbor Slitting Heads that can be set up offline. They can also be equipped with a head exchange system that allows multiple heads to be quickly exchanged with one another.

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Bobinas para Canalones

Las bobinas más pequeñas, hechas a la medida con material pintado, son indispensables para la industria de los canalones y molduras para los edificios. Para mantenerse competitivos, los productores de estas bobinas requieren una Línea de Corte Longitudinal que pueda producir bobinas pequeñas rápidamente y con mínimos requerimientos de personal. La clave para alcanzar estas metas es la automatización.

Productos para Edificios Metálicos


Las Cortadoras Longitudinales para Calibre Delgado de Red Bud Industries para bobinas pintadas/recubiertas son las herramientas de productividad indispensables para los fabricantes de paneles para edificios metálicos. Estas Cortadoras Longitudinales son sencillas de configurar y fáciles de operar. Son además confiables y estables ya sea para corridas de producción largas o cortas.