Midway Metals of Yatala Installs New Red Bud Blanking Line

Midway Metals of Yatala, Queensland, Australia installed a 10 mm (.393″) Precision Blanking Line with Stretcher Leveler at its new greenfield site in Yatala, Queensland, to allow the service center to address the laser cutter and fabrication markets. The new line was designed and built to process stainless steel at widths up to 2000 mm (79″) with coil weights up to 24,000 kg (53,000 lb.) at part lengths up to 9000 mm (355″). For material thicknesses up to 8 mm (.315″), the line operates in looping mode utilizing Red Bud’s Precision Heavy Gage Grip Feed to obtain length tolerances of ±.127 mm (.005″). For material over 8 mm (.315″), the line runs in Start/Stop Mode. The line designed and manufactured by Red Bud Industries located in Red Bud, Illinois, is the largest system of its kind in Australia.

A Red Bud Adjustable Stretcher Leveler produces the flattest most stable material possible while operating virtually independent of incoming strip shape and severity. The operator simply stretches the material until it is flat. The result is a flat product that will stay flat and is particularly well suited for laser cutting applications where flatness is essential.

Midway Metal’s new Red Bud Blanking Line consists of a Coil Stage & Load System, Uncoiler, Heavy Gage Peeler Breaker, Crop Shear, Dual Roller Levelers, Pop-Up Inspection Table, Top and Bottom Side PVC Applicators, Thread System, Adjustable Stretcher Leveler, Heavy Gage Grip Feed, Variable Rake Shear, Drop Stacker with Part Diverter, Stack Tables, End Discharge Rollouts and Pallet Loader.