Midway Metals of Yatala Installs New Red Bud Slitting Line


Midway Metals of Yatala, Queensland, Australia installed an 8 mm (.315”) Red Bud Slitting Line at its new site in Yatala, Queensland. The new Slitting Line joins a Red Bud Precision Blanking Line with Stretcher Leveler already in operation at the site. The new line was designed and built to process stainless steel, cold roll, and galvanized material at widths up to 2130 mm (84”) with coil weights up to 13,600 kg (30,000 lb.).

The new line features Red Bud’s Tension Trac and Camber Trac Systems. The Tension Trac System automatically gives the operator visual feedback showing that the proper amount of tension is being applied by the Recoiler. The Camber Trac System automatically adjusts the position of the Slitting Head to eliminate camber from being introduced during the slitting process. The new line also features Red Bud’s new Dual Helical Choppers.

Midway Metal’s new Red Bud Slitting Line consists of an Entry Coil Lift, Uncoiler, Heavy Gage Peeler Breaker, Threading Pinch Rolls, Entry Crop Shear, Top and Bottom Side PVC Applicators, Packed Arbor Slitter Head, Dual Helical Scrap Choppers, Thread System, Double Roll Tensioner System, Exit Crop Shear, Recoiler and Exit Coil Lift.