Olympic Steel Installs New Red Bud Blanking Line

Red Bud Industries installed a .375″ (9.52 mm) Blanking Line with a Stretcher Leveler at Olympic Steel’s Plymouth, Minnesota, facility. Olympic decided to add the Heavy Gage Line in order to meet their customers’ demands for laser quality, low stress, and heavy gage material.

A Red Bud Stretcher Leveler can produce the flattest, most stable material possible while operating virtually independent of incoming strip shape and severity. The operator simply stretches the material until it is flat. The result is a flat product that will stay flat and is particularly well suited for laser cutting applications where flatness is essential.

The line also features a Heavy Gage 48’ Drop Stacker and dual 40,000 lb. (80,000 lb max.) Stack Tables that mount directly to a Variable Rake Shear. This configuration fully supports and neatly stacks heavy gage material.

Olympic Steel’s new Red Bud Blanking Line is designed to process coils up to 72″ (1830 mm) wide with a maximum weight of 60,000 lb (27,216 mm). The line consists of an In-Line Stage & Load System, Dual Stub Uncoiler, Crop Shear, Stretcher Leveler, Heavy Gage Grip Feed, Variable Rake Shear, and a Heavy Gage Drop Stacker.