Company History


At just 23 years old, in 1959, Ken Voges sells his prized 1955 Thunderbird car to start his own machine shop on his parents’ farm near Red Bud, Illinois. From humble beginnings, he nurtures the company, then known as ABC Metal Products, to service local industry with machine shop services. With the help of his wife and parents, the company soon outgrows its birthplace on the family farm and moves into a larger industrial site. Here the company continues to grow and begins designing and building tools and dies on a larger industrial scale for high volume manufacturers of household appliances and other steel products. From there, the company moves into designing and building progressive dies and equipment for manufacturing transformers. These earliest ventures gave experience and knowledge which grew into the company’s current product line. Today, the company is a world renowned designer and builder of Coil Processing Systems, known as Red Bud Industries, with over 1000 installations worldwide. Red Bud Industries’ Equipment can be found operating in every major steel market throughout the world, processing virtually every type of material.

Our Milestones:


The company builds a 25,000 square foot (2323 square meter) manufacturing facility and moves into its present day site.


Red Bud Industries is granted its first patent for its Grip Feed Measuring System
– Over the years, the company has been granted several patents for coil processing technology innovations.


The company designs its first computerized inventory control system, which is later expanded and upgraded to provide customized quoting capabilities.

Early 1980s

Red Bud Industries begins offering toll (hire) processing services.


The manufacturing plant is expanded to 50,000 square feet (4646 square meters).


The company introduces In-Line Stretcher Levelers up to .138″ (3.5 mm) thick.


Multi-Blanking Lines are offered with the introduction of a patented CNC Slitting Head.
– To date, Red Bud Industries has over 135 of these systems in operation around the world.


The toll (hire) processing services becomes its own separate company.


Red Bud Industries introduces the Dual Action Grip Feed, which achieves production speeds as high as 400 FPM (122 m/min).


Red Bud Industries supplies its first Coil-To-Coil Slitting Line.

– Red Bud Industries also develops .250″ (6.35 mm) In-Line Stretcher Levelers.
– The manufacturing plant is expanded to 100,000 square feet (9290 square meters).


The first .500″ (13 mm) thick In-Line Stretcher Leveler was installed.


Red Bud Industries’ Equipment receives its first of several national #1 rankings.


The manufacturing facility is expanded again to its present size of 200,000 square feet (18,581 square meters).


Red Bud Industries celebrates its 50th anniversary.


Red Bud Industries ships its first .500″ (13 mm) Coil-To-Coil Slitting Line.
– Red Bud Industries also delivers its first Roll Feed Measuring System as an alternative to its existing Grip Feed System.


Red Bud Industries begins manufacture of its own Scrap Choppers with thickness capacities up to .750″ (19 mm).


Red Bud Industries develops and sells its first Dual Drive Roll Feed System that produces superior length tolerances when compared to traditional roll feeds. EPS technology continues to gain traction, as Red Bud Industries sells two EPS Coil-to-Coil Lines.


Red Bud Industries developed and sold its first 1.00” (25 mm) Stretcher Leveler and Cut-To-Length Line.


Red Bud Industries installs a Fully Automatic Slitting Head for a Multi-Blanking Line.
– The Fully Automatic Slitting Head can also be installed in Slitting Lines.
– Red Bud Industries delivers its first EPS Coil-To-Coil Line.


Red Bud Industries sells its first Packaging Line for a Slitting Line.


Red Bud Industries celebrates its 60th anniversary. The company has grown to nearly 200 employees..