Red Bud Industries Installs Multiple Coil Processing Systems at Holvoet Plaatbedrijf Nv, Gent, Belgium


Holvoet Plaatbedrijf NV, a service center chain headquartered in Kortrijk, Belgium, was looking for ways to address the issue of retained stress in material for their manufacturing and laser markets and also add new products to their product line. After an extensive evaluation of suppliers from Europe and United States, Red Bud Industries Equipment was selected. Two systems were purchased and installed at Holvoet’s Gent facility. The systems include an  .315 (8 mm), 79″ (2 m) wide loop type Cut-To-Length/Blanking Line with Stretcher Leveler and an .315 (8 mm), 79″ (2 m) SCS Sheet Line.

The Loop Type Cut-To-Length/Blanking Line features Red Bud’s In-Line Stretcher Leveler technology. This advanced Leveling System produces a stress equalized flat product which stays flat even during subsequent manufacturing processes such as laser cutting or punch and notching. The Stretcher Leveler elongates the material sufficiently lengthwise so all the material from top to bottom and edge to edge has been taken beyond its yield point. By doing so, the internal stresses are equalized and the material is leveled. The process will produce the most stable product that can be produced by a mechanical process.

To further enhance quality, Holvoet installed a patented SCS Sheet Line. This technology takes hot rolled black material through a simple, quick, environmentally friendly process producing a rust resistant finish without the use of oils. No chemicals are used to clean the material. A Closed Loop Filtration System is used to recycle waste water. Consequently very little water must be added to the system and no effluent is discharged. The finished product can be used in most manufacturing processes and eliminates the hazards and problems associated with oil.

The Cut-To-Length/Blanking Line consists of 40 MT (90,000 lb.) Coil Prestage & Load System, Uncoiler, Peeler/Breaker, Crop Shear, Precision Straightener (Flattener), Thread System, In-Line Stretcher Leveler, Servo Hydraulic Grip Feed System, Blanking Shear, 6 m Mechanical Drop Stacker with Part Diverter System, Continuous Stacking Sheet Holder System, Part Sorting System, Stack Table, and End Discharge Floor Conveyors.

The SCS Sheet Cleaning System consists of a SCS Sheet Line, Closed Loop Water Filtration System, Air Knives, Inspection Area, Mechanical Drop Stacker, Stack Table, and End Discharge Floor Conveyors.