Red Bud Industries Installs
Slitting Line for Steel Technologies de Mexico, S.A. se C.V., Ciudad Juarez, Mexico

Red Bud Industries completed the installation of a new .187″ (4.75 mm) Slitting Line for Steel Technologies de Mexico, S.A. de C. V., a subsidiary of Steel Technologies, Inc., at their newly constructed service center in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. The state-of-the-art line features a newly designed Dual Turret Recoiler capable of moving slit coils offline quickly and easily.

In addition to the advanced Dual Turret Recoiler, the line also features Red Bud’s Tension Trac and Camber Trac Systems. The Tension Trac System automatically gives the operator visual feedback showing that the proper amount of tension is being applied by the Recoiler. A Camber Trac System automatically adjusts the strip position to eliminate camber from being introduced during the slitting process.

The .187″ (4.75 mm) Red Bud Slitting Line is capable of processing 72″ (1,830 mm) wide coils at weights up to 60,000 lb (27,216 kg). The line consists of a Coil Stage & Load System, Uncoiler, Peeler Breaker, Entry Crop Shear, two Packed Arbor Slitting Heads, Scrap Winder, Tension System, Leveler, Exit Crop Shear, Recoiler, Coil Lift, Turnstile, and Packaging Line.