Red Bud Industries ReceivesHeavy Gage Cut-To-Length Line Order from Ratner Steel

Red Bud Industries recently received an order for a 0.625″ (16 mm) x 76″ (2000 mm) Heavy Gage Cut-To-Length with Stretcher Leveler from Ratner Steel, a steel service center headquartered in Roseville, Minnesota. It is the fourth Stretcher Leveler purchased from Red Bud Industries. The new line will be installed at Ratner Steel’s new facility in Osceola, Arkansas.

The new line will feature Red Bud Industries’ T2 series Stretcher Leveler with a 40′ (12 m) stretch bed. In addition, this unit will include proprietary “Quick Draw” technology which produces the fastest stretch cycle times in the industry. SUREGRIP® long life metallic grippers and a powered gripper extraction system will also be provided. The line will also feature 60,000 lb. (27,000 kg) Stack Tables with 60″ (1524 mm) of vertical lift. This will allow Ratner to process an entire coil onto a single stack. The result is improved material handling and throughput.

Ratner Steel’s new line can handle coils up to 80,000 lb. (36,000 kg). The line consists of an Entry Coil Car, Dual Uncoiler, Heavy Gage Peeler/Breaker, Pop Top Precision 4 HI Flattener, Stretcher Leveler, Servo Roll Feed, Variable Rake Shear, Heavy Gage Drop Stacker, 60,000 lb. (27,000 kg) Stack Tables, and End Discharge Rollouts.

The SUREGRIP Trademark is registered with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.