Red Bud Industries ShipsHeavy Gage Cut-To-Length Line to Pacific Steel & Recycling


Red Bud Industries recently shipped a .500” (12.7 mm) x 96” (2440 mm) Heavy Gage Cut-To-Length Line with Stretcher Leveler to Pacific Steel & Recycling’s Syracuse, Utah, location. Red Bud Industries is located in Red Bud, Illinois USA. The line includes a 50’ (15 M) Stretcher Leveler with “SUREGRIP®” technology that allows HR P&O and other hard to grip material to be run without slippage or having to change the gripper pads. The non-slip metallic grippers can also be used for up to a year or longer without needing to be replaced.

The unit also features “Quick Draw” technology that makes it the world’s fastest Stretcher Leveler of its size. Cycle times are under 8 seconds from the time the material is stopped for stretching to the time it starts moving again. This is up to three times faster than other units on the market. The line also runs in both start/stop and looping modes. Material up to .375” (9.5 mm) thick can be run in looping mode, making the line one of only a select few that can do so. Material that can run in the loop while being stretched will run up to twice as fast as the same material run in start/stop mode; again making the line one of the fastest in the industry.

Another notable feature is a High Speed Shear which incorporates “Switch Blade” Technology. Quick change knife cassettes reduce blade changes to just a few minutes. The Shear also automatically sets knife clearance and has the ability to automatically adjust the angle of the Shear in order to improve squareness tolerance of the cut parts.

Pacific Steel & Recycling’s new line can handle coils up to 80,000 lbs. (36,288 kg). The line consists of an In-Line Stage & Load System, Dual Stub Uncoiler, Heavy Gage Peeler/Breaker, Crop Shear, Dual Roller Levelers, Roller Inspection Area, Dust Collection System, Stretcher Leveler, Servo Roll Feed, Variable Rake Shear, and a Heavy Gage Drop Stacker with End Discharge Rollouts.

The SUREGRIP Trademark is registered with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.