Rudolf Flender Rohr Gmbh Installs Red Bud Industries High Speed Slitting Line

Rudolf Flender Rohr GmbH of Siegen, Germany, has completed installation of a new Red Bud Industries Precision Slitting Line. The new Slitting Line will play an integral role in the production of welded steel pipes at Flender and is part of a major upgrade to their manufacturing facility.

The new Red Bud Line is capable of slitting material up to 8 mm (.315”) thick and production speeds up to 610 m/min (2000 FPM). The line can handle incoming coil weights up to 36 metric tons (80,000 lb.). The line includes several features designed to improve efficiency and reduce downtime.

Three Slitting Heads, one CNC Programmable, and two Packed Arbors guarantee there will be no need for the line to wait for Slitter set ups to be completed. A uniquely designed Thread System supports the strips as they are thread from the Slitting Head to the Tensioning System. In addition, the system automatically threads the strips into the nip point of the Tension Stand. The thread up rolls can also be used as a “double looper”. This allows the Slitting Line to be used as a double loop system when processing thin material and significantly reduces pit depth requirements.

Another feature included in the line is Red Bud’s “posi-grip” Recoiler clamp. The material thickness compensating “posi-grip” clamp holds strips tightly throughout the entire gage range. The system automatically compensates for crown and other material thickness variations across the width of the coil to assure each strip is securely clamped. Rewind strip tension at the Recoiler is also automatically calculated and displayed at the operator control station. The system assures proper winding tension is applied for the material thickness being processed.

The new Slitting Line installation includes a Coil Stage & Load System, Uncoiler, Peeler Breaker, Entry and Exit Crop Shears, one CNC Programmable Slitting Head, two Packed Arbor Slitting Heads, Automatic Scrap Chopper, three Vacuum Head Dust Collectors, Thread System, Drag Tensioner System, Recoiler, and Exit Coil Lift.