Steel Technologies De Mexico Installs Second Red Bud Line

Steel Technologies de Mexico of Guadalupe, NL, Mexico, installed a Red Bud Industries Precision Multi-Blanking Line in their facility in Cuidad Juarez, Chi, Mexico. This line joins a Red Bud Industries High Speed Slitting Line installed there in 2007. The new line is capable of processing mild steel up to .135″ (3.4 mm) or stainless up to .105″ (2.7 mm) as presently configured.

Featured in the line are Red Bud’s Precision Grip Feed System and CNC Programmable Slitter. This combination of equipment gives Steel Technologies the capability of producing blanks with width and length tolerances of ±.005″ (.127 mm). The CNC Slitter can be set up in less than two minutes per cut, thus eliminating costly downtime that can occur when using conventional Packed Arbor Slitters. An additional advantage to the system is the Automatic Strip Divider Positioning. While the operator is setting up the Slitting Head, the Strip Divider Positioning System automatically sets up the dividers in the Strip Stacker. When the operator has finished setting up the Slitting Head, the Strip Stacker is ready to run blanks. Also featured in the line is a 6 Hi Cartridge Leveler. The system seeks the proper flight position to achieve flat strip and will maintain flat strip even if material shape changes during the course of the coil.

The new system is capable of processing coils up to 60,000 lb. (27,216 kg) at widths up to 72” (1829 mm) and thicknesses up to .135” (3.43 mm). The new line consists of a 4 Camera Monitoring System, Coil Stage & Load System, Uncoiler, Peeler Breaker, Crop Shear, Cartridge Leveler, “Pop Up” Flatness Inspection Table, “Hands Free” Thread System, Dual Motor Heavy Gage Grip Feed, CNC Programmable Slitter, Scrap Winders, Shear, Combination Drop/Strip Stacker, Part Diverter, Part Sorter, Automatically Lowering Stack Table, End Discharge Rollouts, and Measuring Table.