United Steel Supply

Since 2007, United Steel Supply has been offering steel products for customers engaged in rollforming and other residential and building-related applications. Since its founding, the company has seen rapid growth. In 2019, a location in Jeffersonville, Indiana, was opened, and thus came the need for a new Slitting Line. Based on United’s business model, they needed a line that would allow them to process jobs on demand for their customers. The new Red Bud Line allows them to do just that.

Red Bud Industries’ Light Gauge Slitting Lines are designed with metal building suppliers in mind. These compact, floor mounted systems are simple set up and easy to operate. In the video, Will Waldrip, Vice President of United Steel Supply, explains their decision to purchase the Red Bud Industries Line. “There were several features of the Red Bud Slitting Line that helped us make the decision to buy the line. One of them was the CNC Slitting Head.” The Red Bud Industries CNC Slitting Head allows each knife to be positioned and ready to go quickly. “For us, the ability to have the knives auto position for the cuts that we need saves so much time for our operators not packing arbors,” says Waldrip. The line is also backed by a 5 Year Warranty and 24/7 service. “Red Bud carries 98% of all the parts for this line in stock, and they ship the same day if we have an issue. . . . Having parts to us within 24 hours and having those parts in stock was a very big key for us to buy from Red Bud Industries,” explains Waldrip.

United Steel Supply continues to look at future expansions to grow their business. Waldrip says, “With our growth at United Steel Supply, we have other facilities that will be needing Slit Lines in the future, and I can assure you that this (Red Bud Industries) Light Gauge Slitting Line will be at the top of our list of all of our other locations.”