Viking Materials Installs Second Red Bud Blanking Line


Viking Materials of Minneapolis, Minnesota, a wholly owned subsidiary of Reliance Steel and Aluminum Co., installed their second Red Bud Industries Precision Blanking Line. The line is capable of processing stainless steel up to .250” (6 mm), as well as aluminum and carbon steel up to .312” (8 mm) thick with coil weights up to 50,000 lb. (22,680 kg).

The new line features Red Bud’s Precision Heavy Gage Grip Feed System. The Grip Feed System gives Viking the capability of producing blanks with length tolerances of ±.005″ (.127 mm). In addition, the line features a fully automated cassette type Leveler. The system automatically sets up and adjusts to changes in the coil without operator intervention. Cassettes can also be exchanged in as little as ten minutes. The line also includes Red Bud’s High Speed Hydraulic Shear and 3 Side Blank Support Drop Stacker with Automatic Part Diverter. The Drop Stacker mounts directly to the back of the Shear which allows material to enter the Drop Stacker before shearing. Once the material is sheared, it drops straight down onto the waiting Stack Table. With the push of a button, the integrated Part Diverter allows the operator to prevent heads/tails and other unwanted material from entering the Prime Stacker. The Part Diverter can also be used to discharge parts to the end of the line for convenient QC inspections.

The new line consists of a Coil Lift, Four Arm Turnstile, Uncoiler, Peeler Breaker, Crop Shear, fully automatic Cartridge Leveler, “Pop Up” Flatness Inspection Table, PVC/Paper Applicator, “Hands Free” Thread System, Dual Motor Heavy Gage Grip Feed, Shear, Drop Stacker, Part Diverter, Traversing Part Sorter, Automatically Lowering Stack Table, End Discharge Rollouts and Pallet Loader.