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“Red Bud's service and support set them apart from the competition”
[Mike Caughell | Vice President | Greenpoint Metals]

Greenpoint Metals is a family-owned business that has been in operation for over 40 years. Located in Franklin, Ohio, they are a secondary processor of steel with a focus on sheet and coil. Greenpoint Metals is a customer-focused company that primarily serves the construction, mining, and other OE related businesses.

When Greenpoint Metals decided to offer sheet steel to their customers, they immediately began working with Red Bud. Though not initially planned, Greenpoint Metals added the Red Bud Stretcher Leveler to their line in order to better serve the needs of their customers.

"One of the reasons we went with Red Bud was their level of support. Not only were they phenomenal in helping us launch the line, but their collaboration in helping us design the line was a huge resource for Greenpoint Metals. Red Bud was able to specify every detail needed to produce a wide range of products for our growing customer base."

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Our Red Bud Industries’ Stretcher Leveler is so much more than an important piece of equipment– it has transformed our business.

When PVS-Metals, a subsidiary of Owen Industries, decided to expand into new markets, they turned to Red Bud Industries. Their investment in this new, massive Stretcher Leveler allowed PVS to reach into an entirely new marketplace offering the latest in Coil Leveling Technology. With this new expansion and dramatically improved automation and capabilities, PVS can handle any project from design to delivery, start to finish.

Red Bud’s ongoing dedication to manufacturing the most innovative, world class equipment in the industry clearly separates Red Bud Industries from the rest.

When PVS Metals, a division of Owen Industries, decided to build the industry’s most advanced coil processing and fabrication center, they chose Red Bud technology.

That center now operates one of the world’s largest Stretcher Leveler Cut-To-Length Lines. It processes master coils up to 1 inch thick, producing sheets up to 64 feet in length. Those sheets are perfectly flat, and the parts cut from them on the center’s fiber lasers remain perfectly flat… just how PVS Metals’ customers want them.

The products and services we provide make our customers more competitive. That’s what Red Bud does for us as well.

Our sheet and plate customers are competitive if their steel is “table top” flat and stays that way after processing. We once thought that meant a temper mill, but the Stretcher Leveler is a far better value. Today, we operate four Red Bud Stretcher Leveler CTL Lines at three facilities. We can supply a customer from any one of these facilities knowing they will get the same consistent, high quality product from those lines; just as Red Bud delivers the same consistent, high quality technology and support to us, day-in and day-out, year-after-year.

Red Bud’s technology gave us a clear competitive advantage. Their service helps us maintain it.

At McNeilus Steel, we succeed by adapting to our customers’ needs. They needed ‘stay flat’ steel blanks, so we invested in a Red Bud Blanking Line with Stretcher Leveling. Our customers were delighted with the product, but also wanted it in heavier gage. We thought we‘d have to buy a temper mill, but Red Bud adapted to our needs and produced the first-ever .500” Stretcher Leveler CTL Plate Line. We were so pleased we bought two more. Not just because of the technology, but also because Red Bud supports us so well. They’re a ‘customer first’ company.

“We wanted to buy a Stretcher in order to improve our market share and differentiate our products from the rest of the market. We knew it would allow us to achieve unsurpassed flatness and eliminate spring back. After looking at a number of different manufacturers, we decided to go with Red Bud. They already had a lot of experience with stretcher leveling and had a proven track record.

Now that the Stretcher is in operation, we are very happy with our decision. Our clients have reacted very well to the product we are able to produce. Our volumes have definitely increased. What stood out to us was Red Bud’s total commitment to our satisfaction and the responsiveness of their team. Our experience with Red Bud was very good. They produce a quality machine and stand behind their products.”

“We were looking for a new line to help better position ourselves in the market. We decided to go with Red Bud because of their reputation, service, and innovative designs. We felt their stretcher leveling technology would give us the opportunity to offer our customers a superior level of flatness. Now that the line is in, I have to say it performs as advertised. We have people that ask for our product due to the flatness we can produce and some customers have already told us they will not order from anywhere else.”

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